Hotpot is one of our core our specialties! Make life easier and enjoyable by getting all your hotpot needs in 1 location! Try out hotpot bundle, ideal for 4 pax!

We have sourced the freshest ingredients that go perfectly into hotpot and make it easier for you to enjoy this beloved dish with your friends and family!



2Kg Yuan Premium Chicken Collagen Soup

500g USA Premium Shortplate Beef (400g Pork Belly Sukiyaki Option Available)

2 Portions Fresh Handmade Noodles

3 Bunches Chinese Cabbage

1 Bunch Enoki Mushroom

6 Fuzhou Meatballs

4 Pcs Sweet Corn

Yuan Hotpot Bundle

Meat Option

    About Yuan Collagen

    Yuan Collagen is an all natural ready to eat premium collagen soup base that has been boiled for over 10 hours to get the right amount of collagen and rich flavours for your meal. It is made from chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, for an all natural healthy food option. 

    The company was founded by Singaporean actress Chantalle Ng and 2nd-gen F&B owner Minying Wong.


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