Dried Longan (龙眼)

Invigorate heart and nourish the blood

Soloman's Seal (玉竹 )

Improve immune system and enhance complexion

Chinese Yam (淮山)

Good for digestive health

Codonopsis (党参)

Immuno-modulator + anti-inflammatory 

Goji Berry  (枸杞)

Good for immune system and protects eyes

Astragalus Root (北芪)

Good for heart, immunity and reduces stress

Angelica Sinensis (当归)

Improve Immune system

About Yuan Collagen

Yuan Collagen is an all natural ready to eat premium collagen soup base that has been boiled for over 10 hours to get the right amount of collagen and rich flavours for your meal. It is made from chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, for an all natural healthy food option. 

The company was founded by Singaporean actress Chantalle Ng and 2nd-gen F&B owner Minying Wong.


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