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How does the product look like?
We use all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no MSG, no added flavouring, no colouring. The premium collagen bone broth comes in a frozen vacuum pack. We currently come in 2 sizes, one is 1kg pack and the other is a 500g pack which makes it easier for smaller families!
What are the product's nutrition facts
Our product is rich in protein and is low in sodium. It is carbohydrate and sugar free, and contains negligible amounts of trans-fat and saturated-fat
How do I place an order?

​​Simply go to the Shop button, and select your product. Click the quantity and add to cart. Once done shopping, proceed to check out. You will be required to key in your shipping details, delivery method (including the date), the payment details. Once done, you review your orders and click place order.



​Due to overwhelming demand, we have a lead time of about 2-3 days. Please select the preferred delivery date and time.

Self Collection


We also allow self-collection for those who find that more convenient. To do so, please select the self-collect option and proceed to Asian Food Mall at B1 (Drinks Stall), Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road, 238863

Is there a minimum order for delivery? 

No, there is no minimum order. However, if your order falls below S$90, we will charge a S$10 delivery fee to cover transportation costs.

Can I re-freeze the product after defrosting?

No, you cannot re-freeze after defrosting. If you want to consume only a portion of it, defrost slightly, and take out the portion you want to consume. Freeze the remaining portion you want to keep. Please DO NOT re-freeze if you have fully defrosted the product. 

Should I add water to the product?

You do not need to add water to the product, as it is ready to eat. However, if you prefer to make the soup a little lighter, add water to suit your preference. 

How do I defrost the product?
Refrigerator method:
1. Put package in refrigerator 4 hours before consuming. 
2. Pour soup (which will be in jelly-like form) into a pot and bring to boil
Water bath method
1. Put package in a pan of warm water to speed up process of defrosting
1. Once package is jelly-like, pour into a pot and bring to boil
Direct method:
1. Soften the edges of the pack by running through water.
2. Pour frozen contents into a pot and heat up 
How much do I need for a hotpot session?
We recommend about 2.0L per normal steamboat pot, but depending on how thick you want the soup base to be, you can add a little bit of water. For those who prefer a thicker soup, then no need to add water. 
If you want to a reserve of soup to top-up your hotpot, then do get another 1.0L as backup!
What is the product Shelf-life?
If kept frozen (and un-opened), product shelf-life is about 6 months. Each pack has an expiration date for easy reference.
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