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 Yuán (源) is a Chinese word for origin or roots, which is exactly what our Collagen Soup is all about. We want to bring you back to the origins of our generations-old Collagen Soup recipe. The soup is made from premium all natural ingredients that are slow boiled for 10 hours, bringing out unrivaled thickness, richness and sweetness. 

Founded in 2020 by actress Chantalle Ng and 2nd-gen F&B owner Minying Wong, Yuán is a culmination of a business idea first crafted when Chantalle tried Minying's home-made soup. 

This collagen soup was a recipe handed down from Minying's grandmother to her mother and now to Minying! It is the soup base that her mother uses to cook many different dishes. "There is no shortcut here, we really boil the soup for a long time, and use only the best ingredients because my grandmom used to say that is the only way for the flavours to really come out!" Minying shares.

During the Circuit Breaker, the two friends worked together online (zoom calls, messages and contactless deliveries included) to bring this business to life. 

Yuán Collagen Soup is a favourite among those who really enjoy premium collagen soup that has been slow boiled for 10 hours. The versatile soup is best enjoyed for steam-boat, but also for a host of other dishes such as Gourmet Mushroom Risotto, Fish Soup, Seafood Porridge, and many more. 

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